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Kobe Bear is a member of Cathy's family.

Has an animal ever stared at you?

Did you feel like you understood
what the animal wanted to tell you?

Have you ever wished you could talk with your animal, but felt you needed a common language?

Animals love it when we can hear their "voices."


And it makes them happy to be heard.

Just like people, when your animal feels heard and validated, it brings more joy and happiness to their lives and it enhances your relationship with them.

Through telepathy,which is the universal language that connects animals and people, your animal companions are able to share their hearts with you.

Animal Communication is an intuitive, telepathic and spiritual connection between you and your companion animal. Telepathy means "feeling another soul/spirit over a distance" and is a heart-to-Kite Chaser (aka KC) 1992-2001 Cathy's practice and site are dedicated to KC, her beloved friend and animal muse.heart connection.


We are all born with the ability to communicate using this universal language, including you, but most of us have forgotten how to recognize it within ourselves. By putting you in your heart center, animals help you reconnect with your natural ability to communicate telepathically with all species.

Animals, especially your animal family, are amazing spiritual beings who come into your life for many reasons. Using telepathy, Cathy is able to give your animal family a "voice" by interpreting their thoughts, feelings and viewpoints, whether they are alive or In Spirit, so you can receive answers to your questions.

An animal communication session with Cathy allows you to have a two-way communication with your animal in "real-time." This allows you to dialogue with your animal which can feel a lot like talking with a dear friend.

Cathy helps the dove and her owner
Click to watch "Mind to Mind, Heart to Heart:
A Pet Psychic Documentary" featuring Cathy communicating with Casper the Dove. If you don't believe in animal communication, this video may change your mind.

Realizing your animal's point of view through an animal communication session creates mutual respect, understanding, reverence and trust which helps with all aspects of your animal's life including training, behavioral and health issues, and the dying process. Plus having a session with Cathy tells them that you value their viewpoints and perspectives.

Cathy's support is especially valuable when your animal is ill or dying. By giving your animal a "voice" during these difficult times, you will better understanding their wishes around healthcare decisions, their dying process, end of life wishes and euthanasia. This allows you to make these life-altering decisions in partnership with your animal instead of "guessing what they want," which takes a tremendous burden off our shoulders.

As part of her practice, Cathy offers you grief counseling and support to help you cope and deal with the loss of your beloved animal companion. While an animal communication session can't take the pain of your loss away, connecting with your deceased animal and hearing their "voice" can bring incredible comfort and peace for both you and your animal In Spirit during a painful and difficult time.

Animal Communication sessions and Animal Reiki treatments along with grief counseling, allows you to support your animals holistically in all aspects of their lives including overall wellness; reducing stress; recovering from injury; physical issues; before and after surgery; emotional and behavioral issues; help with competition; illness/hospice support; assist in the dying process; aid healing after death and find out if your animal will reincarnate. CLICK HERE for more reasons to call Cathy.

Animal Reiki Treatments

Besides talking with your animal telepathically, Cathy is an Animal Reiki Teacher and Practitioner allowing her to help your animal at deep energetic level.

Animal Communication and Animal Reiki are amazingly compatible and co-create incredible results for your animal when blended together. Cathy's vast experience as an Animal Communicator and Animal Reiki Teacher and Practitioner allows her to weave both modalities together to help your animal put their best "paw" forward.

Animal Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") is a simple, yet powerful healing modality that can do no harm. Energy medicines, like the Japanese system of Reiki, were originally used to help humans. We now know this powerful energy healing system is extremely effective in helping animals, too.

Animals intuitively recognize and respond to Reiki and love it when it's offered to them. The main difference between Animal Reiki and Reiki for humans is in how it is offered.

Like Animal Communication, Animal Reiki is holistic by nature, and brings about balance in an animal’s entire being: mind, body, emotions, behavior and spirit. Reiki works by reducing your animal's stress while promoting overall wellness, balance and happiness.

The best part about Reiki, is it’s gentle and non-invasive. Plus it complements all healing modalities, whether Western or Holistic, and does not interfere with any veterinary care your animal may be receiving. With that said, Reiki is never a substitute for veterinary care.

Animal Communication and Animal Reiki Training

Did you know it's your birthright to communicate telepathically and offer energy healing like Reiki to all living beings?

Did you know anyone can learn Animal Communication and Animal Reiki--including you?

Many of us are unaware of our telepathic and healing abilities yet you understand your animal better than you realize. Animals of all species, especially your animal family, are working tirelessly to help you remember your innate skills and feel your life will be enriched in all aspects of your life when you reawaken them.

One of the best ways to reclaim your ability to communicate telepathically with animals and offer Reiki is to train with Cathy. Cathy now offers you the ability to train with her in person and from the comfort of your home or barn with your animal family by your side through her internationally available TeleSeminars and Webinars.

Cathy is passionate about teaching you Animal Communication and Animal Reiki. She has a natural ability to make learning fun and easy. In addition, she will provide you will the necessary support and validation so you can increase your telepathic and Reiki skills.

To learn more about studying Animal Communication and Animal Reiki, visit Cathy's Training page.

Clients consistently report more peace, harmony and overall happiness in their animals after hearing their animal "voices" and receiving Animal Reiki from Cathy.

To schedule your Animal Communication Session or
Animal Reiki Treatment is simple:

Call 925.671.9208(Pacific Time)or email us.

Mona Marie

Kobe Bear



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